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  • Experts in Specialty Finance.
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  • Founded 1990 A.D.
  • We Are Committed To Providing You With The Ultimate In Quality And Service.
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Our Private Exclusive Network of Professional Investors Have Provided More Than $10 Billion In Funding & Financing To More Than 30 Thousand Satisfied Clients

Mission Statement

Our goal at SECA Funding Company is to provide our clients with the highest quality service combined with the highest note quotations in the Cash Flow Industry.                

While doing so, we also strive to provide the highest quality investment grade notes for both private and institutional investors.

For business owners, SECA Funding Company shall maintain our status as one of the nations’ premier Commercial Finance Consultancies for Factoring and Small Business Alternative Commercial Finance.

Vision Statement

To be the Premier Specialty and Alternative Financial Services Company in the nation and delivering superior returns to our stakeholders and meeting and exceeding all client expectations. 

SECA Funding Company constantly strives to be the most trusted consultancy and brokerage firm bar none in the financial industry.

We will always maintain a strong business foundation based on integrity and making our clients interests our priority.

Our Value Statement

Our corporate values can be described in one word…TRUST.

It is our “CORE VALUE” to always create a positive and honest workplace atmosphere and to always do our best for our clients through our fiduciary relationship client by client.


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"You Can Do Business With Us...
Because We Earn Your Trust" We Value Every Referral We Receive.     Would You Consider Becoming A Sponsored Agent With SECA Funding Company?

This is our goal and commitment to our clients SECA Funding Company will provide the most advanced Funding Experience in the entire Alternative Finance Industry, eliminating doubt while ensuring our clients receive the best professional customer service available. SECA Funding Company Founder/CEO Robby Evans
SECA Funding Company DISCLAIMER: We are not attorneys and therefore you must always obtain competent legal counsel and financial advice. SECA Funding Company is not engaged in the business of offering investment, tax, or legal advice. If such advice is required, the services of a competent securities, tax or legal professional should be sought. All informational materials in print or otherwise present or future provided by SECA Funding Company are for your discussion or review purposes only. The content on and its Resources (including, without limitations, third party and any SECA Funding Company content) is provided “as is” and carries no express or implied warranties, or promise or guaranty of success.
International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers
International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers
  • CCFC Certified Commercial Finance Consultant & Master Factoring Broker
  • CFA Corporate Financial Advisor
  • Certified Cash Flow Specialist with  Concentrations in Specialist-Real Estate Notes, Specialist-Lawsuit Funding
  • Specialist Commission Advance for Real Estate Agents  
  • Fiduciary
  • We Purchase Private Seller-Financed Mortgage Notes
  • We Purchase Private Seller-Financed Business “Carry-Back” Notes
  • We Purchase Auto Loan/Lease Portfolios
  • We Purchase Structured Settlements and Gaming Awards
  • We Arrange Legal Advances for Legal Fees
  • We Arrange Inheritance Advance, Also Known As An Inheritance Cash Advance or Estate Advance   
Corporate Finance Institute Certified. Skills/Knowledge Areas: Capital Markets, Business Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Debt Financing And Equity Financing

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Our professional Underwriters are committed to providing the highest level of courtesy and service within the entire financial services industry.

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Our First Rule Is We Always Take Care of Our Clients or Somebody Else Will

We Provide All The Above Services And Much More...

We have access to over 500 Commercial Factors and Lenders
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Life Settlement Cash Outs are lump sum cash outs of a life insurance policy owned by a senior citizen (typically 65 or older).  Life Settlements occur when an older policy used to protect a family during the "earning years" is no longer needed and the senior policy owner would rather enjoy lump sum cash while living, rather than leave the proceeds to an estate. A Senior Life Settlement, or simply Life Settlement, involves the sale of an existing life insurance policy to an investment company in which the funds generated are greater than the policy’s cash surrender value. Senior Life Settlements are often attractive when your original financial planning needs have changed.
Senior Life Settlement Cash Outs

Are you the holder of a policy and instead of a loss of life benefit, you would like to choose a lump sum of cash to be used nowadays instead of latter, if so we can help

SECA Funding Company and its Management and Staff adhere to the legal standard of the Fiduciary process
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