Auto Loan or Lease Portfolios

A Bulk Portfolio transaction is commonly used in the Buy Here, Pay Here Industry as a primary method of generating operating capital.

“Buy Here/Pay Here” Portfolios

Whether your dealership sells or leases cars you can sell your portfolio.

SECA Funding Company Is Your Alternative Financing Solution.

Referred to by many names Buy Here/Pay Here Paper or Portfolios or Car Loan Portfolios or Auto Loan Portfolios or Leases; SECA Funding Company can purchase these portfolios and provide the owner/dealer with much needed cash.

What Makes A Salable Auto Portfolio

We here at SECA Funding Company are interested in portfolios with principal balances of around $50,000 to $100,000 minimum, yet the sky is the limit. If your portfolio is close to this minimum we’d like to review your portfolio.

A dealer can expect a bid from the low 70% to the low 80% and sometimes to the low 90% of the remaining balance of the portfolio.


      • Preferred loans where the cars have the GPS locators on them but this is not necessary.


        • With Loan interest rates that are at or close to the state maximum.


          • Loans that are paid monthly and for an original term of around 3 years.


            • The vehicle sales are at realistic values including down payments of about 10%.


              • The Loans are being paid and are current (although some investors purchase bankrupts).

            Typically “Buy Here/Pay Here” auto dealers fund their own buyer purchases having their buyers pay them the dealer monthly or weekly for the car they purchased.

            Selling your accounts will allow you to profit faster while reducing your portfolio exposure, remember guaranteed money today is always more valuable than wishful potential money of tomorrow!

            We Purchase Qualified Auto Loan or Lease Portfolios.

            Anywhere In The United States of America!

            Do you know what your Loan or Portfolio is worth?

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