Factoring is one of the world’s oldest forms of business financing.                                              

It has remained since ancient times the best source for merchant financing, a proven financial service for positive business growth. Factoring has been around for more than 4000 years and Factoring can be traced back to the Mesopotamian king Hammurabi.

Factoring addresses the problems caused by slow paying customers and is a powerful source of growth capital for employee intensive businesses such as staffing, janitorial companies, guard/security services, construction sub-contractors, and many others.

Get Paid Faster With Accounts Receivable Financing.

Accounts Receivable are debts owed by a customer to a business for products or services that have been delivered and invoiced.      

Accounts Receivable are listed as an asset on the balance sheet of a business because its money owed the business.

Marine Factoring/Financing Explained.

Marine Factoring involves converting a company’s unpaid invoices into immediate cash which the company can then use in any legal way it chooses.

Business owners work with a Factoring Company (Factor) to ensure that they have the necessary cash flow to keep their business running easy and more efficiently.
Invoice Financing is a form of Revolving Business Loan or Business Line of Credit. Businesses can borrow money from a lender with the funds being secured and based on the value of one or more of their outstanding company invoices.

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How To Secure Franchise Funding Through Franchise Factoring.

A Franchise Factor is familiar with the unique issues facing businesses operating within the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry, such as:

Seasonal declines in sales
Owners with past credit problems
New businesses with no credit history
Rapidly growing businesses with fluctuating sales and earnings histories
Unique expansion opportunities that are lost because of financial capital shortages
Insufficient cash to meet payroll and other operating expenses
Inventory and supply needs that go unmet

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Oil & Gas Industry Factoring Explained.

Factoring takes away the wondering of when funds will arrive, or about having the needed amount of cash on hand for any expenses, the Oil Business owners then only have to focus on the daily operational activities of their company.Approval for factoring is based on the creditworthiness of the customers of a business, as they are the ones legally liable for the invoice payment. Factoring for Oilfield Services Companies

Invoice Factoring is a financing solution used by Oilfield Services Companies and Oil Suppliers with a need for Immediate Cash Now!

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What Is Medical Invoice Factoring And How Does It Work?

            Medical Receivables Factoring/Medical Accounts Receivable Financing The healthcare industry has two types of companies that benefit from medical factoring. One provides services or sells goods to the medical industry, such as nurse staffing or medical billing services. Then there is the other which is a provider that bills third-party medical insurance companies. Both types

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What is Construction Invoice Factoring And Construction Receivables?

Does your construction company sometimes run extremely low on funds, or without enough needed operating capital for months, depending on how many concurrent projects and invoices you may have.

Of course, no business can stay afloat without having cash reserves to rely on.

As a result of this situation many construction companies as well as small contracting businesses rely on construction invoice factoring to obtain the cash flow that is necessary for them to perform their day-to-day operations.

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Growing Your Business Through Factoring – What Is Invoice Factoring?

                         Sometimes referred to as Accounts Receivable Financing Factoring is Your No – Debt Solution to your business Cash Flow Problems. Commonly known as Factoring, Accounts Receivable (AR) Financing is oneof the oldest types of commercial financing. In simple terms, it is a process that entails the selling of receivables oroutstanding invoices at a markdown

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Transportation Freight Factoring, What is it?

                  Trucking companies don’t need to wait when they need to get paid Trucking companies can get money immediately with same-day or next-day                payment options. How? They get paid fast with easy to use Transport Factoring services. Transport Factoring enables freight brokers to take control of their business through simplified financing solutions. Transportation/Transport 

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