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Business/Commercial Lines of Credit.

A Small Business Line of Credit gives businesses flexibility and access to cash as needed. As a (RLC) Revolving Line of Credit, more financing becomes available as the business pays down its balance.Mandatory Loan Requirement: 600-650 FICO Score or higher.
A business must have been in business for no less than two years. A Business/Commercial Line of Credit allows businesses to borrow funds up to the amount of their working capital. For Business/Commercial Lines of Credit Lenders use no hard credit pulls, only soft pulls when they check for credit eligibility, thus doing this without affecting any credit score.

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Cash Flow Financing Revealed.

Cash Flow Financing is a type of business financing in which a loan is made to a business that is backed by the business’ expected future cash flows.

The business may use the Cash Flow Loan for its day-to-day business operations. Cash Flow Financing provides Fast Financing! A business can obtain a Cash Flow Loan even when their credit is less than what a bank would consider appropriate to qualify for any loan.

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Business Term Financing-How It Works!

Business Term Loans are standard debt financing having standard payments with a maturity and amortization schedule. Business Term Loans are typically collateralized using the assets (Real Estate, Raw Land, Equipment, Accounts Receivable or Cash Flow) of the borrowing business. The financing process takes between thirty to ninety days with banks or credit unions, yet fortunately non-bank lenders can move a business from the lending application to funding/financing within twenty-four hours.

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How Do SBA Loans Work?

SBA loans are one of the most popular methods of finance available to small business owners but it is important to understand that the SBA is NOT a direct lender and does not actually originate loans. Instead, the SBA provides loan guarantees for designated and approved lending institutions (often community banks) who will then provide financing for small business owners with what is termed an SBA credit enhancement.

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