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Private Mortgage Notes

SECA Funding Company Brokers Are Industry Experts In Handling Private Mortgage Notes.

Purchase-Money Mortgages also known as Seller Financing ” Owner Financing” allows the property seller to own and oversee the debt of the property instead of a traditional lender. Seller Financing in Real Estate is nothing more than a private loan provided by the seller of the property to the buyer of the property.      

Like more traditional bank financing, the buyer will typically make a down payment and then make monthly installment payments over time  (based on an amortization schedule) and at a specified interest rate until the loan is paid off.

So in the simplest of terms, in a seller financed real estate transaction, the seller of the real estate takes the place of the bank.

Often, a holder of a private mortgage note that was created for investment purposes finds the need to sell the note for immediate cash such as when the funds are needed and can be better utilized for the funding of a business.

We are nationwide buyers of private mortgage notes and provide our clients with top dollar cash outs which can not only be used for the funding of a business, but for virtually any other purpose that can be imagined.

Get top dollar cash outs on Private Owner Financed Single-Family and    Multi-Family Residence Mortgage Notes.

Are you the holder of a private business note but now you require        Lump Sum Cash?   

We can help. We are buyers of performing business notes collateralized by free and clear equipment.       

Sell us your “Carry-Back” Carried Mortgage Notes on Commercial Properties, from Apartment Complexes to Retail.

We purchase Private Seller/Owner Financed Single-Family Residence Mortgage Notes and Private Seller/Owner Financed Multi-Family Residence Mortgage Notes.

We Purchase Private Seller/Owner Financed Mortgage Notes on Mobile Homes with Land.

We purchase Private Seller/Owner Carry-Back” Mortgage Notes on Commercial Property including: Office Buildings, Apartment Complexes and Retail Property.

On Apartment Complexes To Office Buildings To Retail Buildings, we can help you sell your mortgage note if you wish.

We Make Selling Your Residential or Business Mortgage Notes                Very Easy!

We offer a number of attractive options for you to consider when selling your promissory mortgage note.

This includes the most common option requested by most sellers which is a 100% Cash Out offer.

We also offer a Partial Purchase option in which you can simply sell us a series of future payments to meet your current cash needs and retain the remainder of the note.

Our Exclusive Network of Investors are the largest buyers of privately held real estate notes in the country.

It’s your Money get the Cash you need Now!

“We will buy your mortgage note for cash”

Speak with a Note Broker, Call Now, Today!

Toll-Free  +1 (800) 413-5167

Extension 1  Owner Financed Real Estate Notes                              Extension 2  Owner Carried Business Notes         

Get Your Money TODAY! Unlock Your Cash Now! Turn Your Notes Into CASH!

Single Family Residences

We purchase private owner-financed mortgage notes on all types of single family residences nationwide including vacation homes.

Multi-Family Residences

We can provide you with a "top dollar" cash out on any duplex, triplex, fourplex, and small apartment building nationwide.

Mobile Homes with Land

Contact us for a free and complimentary purchase proposal on singlewide and doublewide mobile homes that include land.

How We Purchase

Selling a private owner financed mortgage note or a “Carry Back” business mortgage note is a relatively simple process and the first step is to provide us with the necessary information so we can provide you with a “top dollar” quotation on your note.

To do so, you simply need to request and complete one of our “Seller Worksheets” which provides us with the details of the promissory note and some basic information about the property itself.

Once we have received your completed worksheet, we can typically provide you with a provisional quote on a net purchase price. Additionally, we provide several purchase options which gives you considerable flexibility when selling your note to us such as…

  • A 100% total cash out of your note balance.
  • The sale of a percentage of your note balance.
  • A set number of future monthly note payments.
  • The purchase of a balloon payment (if applicable).
  • Any combination of the above.


    Note Types We Purchase


    Property Types

We Pay Fast Cash For Mortgage Notes!
Get Cash For Your Mortgage Note

We Are Nationwide Buyers of several Various Types of Real Estate Mortgage Notes, Land Contracts, and Private Deeds of Trust

A a few of the benefits you will enjoy should you decide to liquidate your note: Immediate Lump Sum Cash for Reinvestment, Eliminate Foreclosure Risks and Bankruptcy Concerns, No more Collection Problems, Eliminates IRS and Tax Reporting Problems, No More Worry About Property Damage, No Unpaid Real Estate Tax Worries, No More Insurance Lapse Concerns.

Acceptable Property Types: Single Family Residential, Multi-Family Properties, Condominiums, Small Apartment Buildings, Commercial Properties, Mobile Homes with Land.

Types of Notes We Purchase: New Notes, Seasoned Notes, Note Portfolios, Senior Liens, Balloons, Real Estate Mortgages, Contracts for Deed, Land Contracts, Deeds of Trust / Trust Deeds, Partial Interest.

Minimum ITV Values * ITV in Note Investing stands for Investment to Value.

Owner Occupied Single Family Residential (75%)

Non-Owner Occupied Single Family Residential (70%)

Commercial Properties (60% -75%)

  •  You will convert a long-term investment into an immediate source of available liquid cash.
  •  You will no longer have to worry about collecting monthly payments or servicing your mortgage note; we handle all of that.
  •  You won’t have to worry about whether the property taxes or insurance premiums are being paid each year.
  •  You won’t have to worry about whether or not the borrower will continue to make his or her payments.
  •  You can use the note proceeds for working capital for your business or any other purpose such as purchasing a new home, car, taking a dream vacation, medical needs…or anything because it’s your choice.
  •  You will have an opportunity to increase the return you earn from this asset by reinvesting the sale proceeds in better performing financial investment products.
  •  You will also have an opportunity to decrease your investment risk by reinvesting the sale proceeds across multiple financial investments products.

Extension 1 Owner Financed Real Estate Notes

Extension 2 Owner Carried Business Notes

We Buy Private Mortgage Notes And Business Notes Nationwide

Get Cash Fast From The Industry Experts

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