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Legal Advance

Avoid financial stress with our quick, reliable cash advances for pending lawsuits. We provide Legal Advance Funding Solutions for unexpected financial burdens caused by personal injuries also Wrongful Death Litigation and many other types of lawsuits.

A Legal (lawsuit) Advance or Pre-Settlement Funding occurs when plaintiffs are advanced money from a court award before the final decision is made.  If you are involved in a lawsuit because you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else and you find you need cash now, a Pre-Settlement Legal Advance may be the solution.

If you win your case, the amount you were advanced, plus agreed-upon interest charges and fees, will go to the advance company.                      If the case does not settle in your favor, you typically won’t owe anything.

Most of our Legal Advance applicants need cash quickly to cover daily living expenses such as rent or a mortgage payment, a car payment or in some cases they have other emergency cash needs or medical expenses due to the accident.

When Legal Funding occurs a Law firm sells to a finance company part of its settlement award at a discounted rate.

Legal Funding or Third Party Litigation is sometimes referred to as         Pre-Settlement Advances having various industry names yet the specifics of the funding always remains the same.


Just apply, get approved, and get funded


You pay nothing if you don’t win your case


Get legal funding within 24-48 hours

              We  Provide Lawsuit Funding Also Known As                Pre-Settlement Funding

No Employment Verification

No Monthly Fees

No Credit Check Requirement

We provide the legal funds you need to maintain your financial stability while awaiting the outcome of your case. You can expect your cash in 24-48 hours after your application is approved.


No Repayments Unless You Win

Legal Funding is always contingent on your lawsuit’s success

If you don’t win your legal case, then you owe nothing

            We Provide Non-Recourse Post-Settlement Funding

When legal settlements are not distributed immediately after a case has settled a plaintiff may still find themselves waiting for their legal compensation for many months or even several years after their case has been settled, Post-Settlement Litigation funding can address this issue.

Sometimes an attorney can be short on capital, the very capital which they need to finance a pending case. A Pre-Settlement Funding Advance can be utilized by attorneys to pay for travel, discovery, witnesses, and administrative costs, allowing them the time and money they need while they are waiting to reach a desired settlement or verdict.

With these funds an attorney can concentrate on building a better case and avoid having to settle for any low settlement offer.

”Litigation Financing helps Attorneys achieve justice for their clients and secures fair compensation for their services”

We Provide Lines Of Credit For Attorneys
These LOC can be increased when an anttorney’s case inventory grows.

We provide Legal Funding for the following Lawsuits






Slip & Fall Lawsuits


Premises Liability Lawsuits

Surgical Funding for Plaintiffs

”If you need Medical or Surgery Funding due to a      personal injury” we can help!

Legal Funding for Wrongful Death Litigation

Amtrak Accidents

Aviation Injury Lawsuits

Dog Bite Lawsuits

In addition we provide Lawsuit Loans for Veterans

We Provide Nationwide Non-Recourse Client Legal Funding For Attorneys

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Get The Cash You Need

Litigation Funding is not considered a loan. Legal/Lawsuit Funding Advances are not debt and are not reported to the credit bureaus, a litigant's credit ratings will not be affected by a litigant obtaining a Legal/lLawsuite Funding Advance.

Cash Advance to Clients

Cash advances on your pending litigation can be used for any reason and often are required to meet the need for continued medical treatments as well as to simply meet monthly payments for mortgages and other expenses.

Cash Advance to Attorneys

In some instances where small law firms will be in litigation with larger and better financed corporations, cash advances can provide the "staying power" to get full compensation for your injuries and loss.

Get Your Cash Advance Now!

Pre-settlement financing puts money in your pocket before your case is settled. And because the money is repaid from your settlement, you can get it now, with no risk, no out-of-pocket costs.

How a Pre-Settlement Legal Advance Works

  1. You complete our Pre-Legal Settlement Worksheet.
  2. We set up an interview and have a discussion with you and your attorney.
  3. All additional information regarding the litigation is provided by your attorney’s firm.
  4. If approved for funding, an offer* will be made by telephone to you or your attorney depending on who is seeking funding.
  5. If the offer is accepted, a funding agreement is forwarded to you and your attorney for signatures.
  6. After the funding agreement is executed and returned, funds are sent via next business day mail or bank wire.
  • No risk to you (non-recourse). If you don’t win your lawsuit, you don’t have to pay us back.
  • No up-front fees. Nothing out of your pocket to get your advance. Our fees are taken out from the settlement.
  • No monthly payment.
  • Reasonable rates.
  • No personal guarantees. The only security for your advance is your future settlement.
  • Completely confidential.
  • Your advance does not depend on your credit situation (unless you are in bankruptcy).
  • Use your advance cash for any imaginable legal and moral use, it’s your money!
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