With over a three decades of experience in real estate notes and finance, Robby Evans the founder and CEO of SECA Funding Company has earned an impressive list of certifications that set him apart as an expert in his field.

Mr. Evans is a CCFC Certified Commercial Finance Consultant, Certified Master Factoring Broker with expertise in commercial finance and factoring, he guides businesses to success with his certified skills. As a CCFC and Master Factoring Broker, he leverages decades of experience to provide top-notch consulting and brokerage services that help clients secure funding and optimize cash flow. His certifications and mastery of complex finance strategies set him apart as a leader in the international financing field.

As a Certified Specialist in Law Suite Funding, Real Estate Mortgage Notes, Business Cash Flow, and Commission Advance for Real Estate Agents, Mr. Evans has mastered the nuances of real estate note transactions and creative alternative financing solutions.

His diverse expertise allows him to craft customized strategies to help clients maximize returns, tap into cash flow, and build wealth through many proven alternative financing methods.

Whether you’re an investor, agent, broker, private individual or institution, with his many professional financial skills Mr. Robby Evans can guide you through the many products and services within the alternative finance industry.

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SECA Funding Company provides financing for businesses and individuals through the buying of their Private Financed Mortgage Notes, Private Carried “Carry-Back” Business Notes.

They provide fast access to capital through non-traditional lending sources.

They provide top dollar offers for the assets they and their private network of professional investors purchase.

As a Fiduciary by law SECA Funding Company is required to place their Client’s needs above their own.

“We realize you have a choice when it comes to obtaining Alternative Financing.
Thank you, for choosing SECA Funding Company for all your Alternative Finance Needs”.

                                                                 Robby Evans

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