Oil & Gas Industry Factoring Explained.

It is normal for long payment terms to occur in the Oil and Gas Industry, This at times can make it hard for Oilfield Service Providers to maintain a steady cash flow. Instead of worrying over whether or not one has enough operating cash to pay employees, cover research and development costs or purchase any new equipment, Factors solve this problem through providing Receivables Factoring to the Oil and Gas Industry Businesses.

Benefits of Factoring:

  • A business can offer more generous credit terms to customers

  • Purchase new equipment

  • Hire additional staff and cover payroll with ease

  • Receive a flexible short-term (or long-term) financing option

  • Receive low rates and competitive advances

  • Have no debt to repay

  • There is no limit to the amount businesses can fund

  • Businesses can send their invoices at any time for a Factor to purchase

Approval for factoring is based on the creditworthiness of the customers of a business, as they are the ones legally liable for the invoice payment.

When a customer or client is paying a business in 30, 60 or even 90 days and if so, they still have to pay their staff, purchase products and pay all their other monthly expenses, regardless if they are being paid in a timely manner then they most likely need factoring. 

Such businesses have no reason to wait to get paid on their invoices.            A business in this situation can sell their Account Receivables immediately today and get paid on them as soon as tomorrow.

               Typical industries that need Oil Field Factoring Services

Water hauler Factoring

Gravel Haulers Factoring

Salt Removal Factoring

Trench Factoring

Rig Cleaning Factoring

Hot Shots Factoring

Food Truck Factoring

Pipe Hauler Factoring

Frac Hauler Factoring

Sand Hauler Factoring

Winch Truck Factoring

Well Cleaning Factoring

Vacuum Truck Factoring

Rig Mover Factoring

Dump Truck Factoring

Sandblasting Factoring

Mud Hauler Factoring

Equipment Hauler Factoring

                           Factoring for Oilfield Services Companies

Invoice Factoring is a financing solution used by Oilfield Services Companies and Oil Suppliers with a need for Immediate Cash Now!

Oil Industry Factoring provides a very consistent cash flow which enables Oilfield Services Companies a proven dependable way to meet their payroll, manage their expenses, and provide growth for their business.

                        Oilfield Services Contractors Rely On Factoring

These companies typically wait 30 days, 60 days, or even longer sometimes on payments from their customers. Oil Industry Factoring eliminates this waiting time for customer payments, Factoring can supply a very significant cash advance on open/outstanding invoices.

Factoring takes away the wondering of when funds will arrive, or about having the needed amount of cash on hand for any expenses, the Oil Business owners then only have to focus on the daily operational activities of their company.

                        Factoring is a real straightforward endeavor

Oilfield services companies and Oilfield Suppliers provide jobs, services, and products to their various customers, at the time when they invoice their customer, the Oil Company sends the invoice to their Factor.

The Factor then advances the client a percentage of the value of the Oil Company’s invoice.

This advance is usually 90 % and is sent on the same day the Factor receives the invoice.

This invoice is then forwarded to the client’s customer, who then pays it in their regular terms.

When the Factor receives payment on the invoice, all remaining balance gets remitted to the client, less the Factor’s fee.

If there are any gaps in revenue due to any unpaid invoices, companies in the Oil and Gas Industry should immediacy turn to the services of a reliable Factor that understands their special needs of business in the Oil Industry.

Oil Industry Factors provide comprehensive Accounts Receivables Factoring Services for Oil Industry Businesses and this improves the cash flow of these businesses.

Oilfield Factors Can Partner With:

  • Excavating and drilling companies

  • Water hauling and trucking firms

  • Crude hauling and transportation companies

  • Pipe construction and laying companies

  • Rig builder and relocation entities

  • Site preparation and planning corporations

  • Oilfield suppliers

  • Tank, truck and pipeline cleaners

  • Oilfield trucking

  • Staffing companies that supply workers for oil and gas sector, such as haulers, roughnecks, truck drivers, welders, riggers, roustabouts, and crane, drill and fracking operators

                               Scalable Funding For Oil Businesses

Timing always matters for any business operating within the Oil and Gas Sector within a national economy.

Such a company must always maintain enough cash flow to pay bills on time, invest in new ventures, and cover their day-to-day operating costs.

These companies need quick guaranteed access yo cash with a simple setup process to ensure they can obtain the cash they need quickly, this makes factoring their best option. 

Whether you have a drilling exploration, oilfield hauling, pipeline construction, or any other business operation in the Oil Industry, a Factor can help.

           An Oilfield Factoring Program can help Oil Businesses succeed

Factors have:

  • Highly competitive rates

  • No long-term contracts

  • No maintenance fees

  • Online reporting

  • Rebates paid weekly

  • Advance rates up to 90%

  • Daily reporting of receipts

  • Recourse and non-recourse programs

  • No exit fees

An Invoice Factor will charge a small percentage of a companies invoice in exchange for paying you immediately and taking on the responsibility for the collections process.

The cost of invoice factoring is in line with what one would pay to a credit card company for processing a credit card payment for one of your customers or clients.

        Invoice factoring can also provide you with protection from bad debt

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