Understanding How To Sell Your Structured Settlement.

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A Structured Settlement is a legal financial arrangement between parties, an insurance company and a person that arranges for the payment of court awards and lawsuit settlements in Tax-Free installments.

A Structured Settlement is the result of a lawsuit in which a defendant has been found at fault for the injury or death of someone. As a result, they must pay a sum of money to settle the lawsuit.

This lump sum of money is used to set up an annuity or Structured Settlement that is paid over time. These payments can be set up to pay through monthly, annually or quarterly payments.

An insurance company will hold the money and distribute the portions of the payments as they become due. The final result is a Structured Settlement, a settlement that’s been structured to be paid over a period of time.

A Structured Settlement is a defined set of payments to be made in the future from one party to another as a result of a civil lawsuit judgment, when someone wins in court a personal injury case.

Before anyone sells their Structured Settlement, they should be sure they have the full legal right to do so, oftentimes, the insurance companies involved maintain control of those rights.

A Structured Settlement cash payout is never a loan.

In some cases, the recipient of the payments of a Structured Settlement finds the need is greater for a larger lump sum of cash and this can often be tied to the need to start or launch a new business or add additional funding for an existing one. 

In such cases, our experienced underwriters can often arrange for the purchase of your future Structured Settlement payment stream and provide you quickly with the lump sum of cash you need.

At SECA Funding Company we will pay cash for your Structured Settlement and you won’t have to repay a penny of what you get from us.

We can process your sale quickly, PROVIDING THE FUNDING YOU NEED.

A Structured Settlement is a negotiated financial or insurance arrangement through which a claimant agrees to resolve a personal injury tort claim by receiving part or all of a lawsuit settlement in the form of periodical payments on an agreed schedule.

When a person has been injured and files a claim, they may receive compensation for injuries and damages.

Regular payments from personal injury settlements help claimants with various needs such as medical costs, lost income and other financial losses that may have resulted from the accident.

SECA Funding Company will work with you on the best option available for your type of Structured Settlement.

When you have a family member that dies of unnatural causes, such as in a workplace accident or perhaps due to the negligence of another party, there is at many times some type of compensation made available, often through a Structured Settlement.

In order for you to handle expenses and any personal matters that need financial attention you may receive a Structured Settlement.

Structured Settlements are set up by governing parties so that plaintiffs can establish a steady and reliable source of income to provide some semblance of financial security to the family of those who have been injured or lost their life due to an accident or through the negligence of others.

An auto accident Structured Settlement may be awarded in the form of periodic payments instead of one large lump sum of cash.

These payments can help cover medical bills, lost income and other financial losses that may have resulted from your auto accident.

Many Medical Malpractice Settlements are paid out over time using Structured Settlements.

Although there are benefits to this type of payment schedule, these future payments are not helpful when an urgent financial need arises.

Plaintiffs receiving these types of settlements may find themselves in difficult financial situations if they experience changes in their personal financial needs and their legal financial obligations. 

You may also decide to let us buy part or all of your Structured Settlement payment rights in return for a lump sum of cash.

Once you decide how much money you need, you can opt to sell the entire value of your annuity or a portion of the total value for a lump sum of cash. SECA Funding Company can purchase a specific portion of a specific number of your payments.

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Structured Settlement Annuities are excellent options in Personal Injury Lawsuit cases because they are tax-free and guarantee income over time for many years though, Structured Settlement agreements are final and will not allow for unplanned changes when you really need a financial change in your life.

In these cases, many Structured Settlement payees choose to sell part or all of their annuity in exchange for a large, cash lump sum.

In such a case SECA Funding Company can help!

At SECA Funding Company we understand your personal financial needs may change over time.

When receiving funding for your financial needs it’s always important that you clearly understand every detail including how much you’ll receive and how quickly you can expect to get your funds.

The United States Congress passed the Periodic Payment Settlement Act in 1982 A.D.

This Federal Legislation promoted the using of Structured Settlements in cases involving personal injury and has offered notable tax breaks on monies received from Structured Settlements.

Structured Settlements are assets; they can be sold or assigned to be transferred through a court process.

Guaranteed future payments from a Structured Settlement are an important asset usually intended to last a lifetime therefore when a sudden expense, investment opportunity, or hardship arises, using one’s settlement money might be the only way for a person to meet their financial need.

SECA Funding Company works directly with our private network of investors to get the best price for you when you decide to sell us a portion or all of your future payments from your Structured Settlement.

Structured Settlements are one of the most popular ways for people to receive compensation.

In a Structured Settlement a large sum of money is split into smaller sums and paid over time.

Usually this money is from lawsuits, Medical Malpractice Suits or Wrongful Death Suits.

Decide how much money you need and how much of your Structured Settlement you want to sell us keeping in mind that the total dollar amount of the payments you would receive over time will be higher than the amount you will get from SECA Funding Company’s Network Investors that purchase the rights to those payments.

Depending on the terms of your Structured Settlement, you may also be able to sell survivor benefits.

Firms like SECA Funding Company charge a discount rate on the sale of Structured Settlement payments.

Average discount rates range from 9% to 20% and are intended to offset the risk assumed by the purchaser in such a transaction.

All Structured Settlement sales require a judge’s approval.

The judge will consider the terms of the sale whether you’re selling some of your payments, a portion of each payment, or your entire Structured Settlement.

The selling of all or a portion of your future Structured Settlement payments may be the best way for you to obtain a lump sum of cash that you now need for any unexpected expense you may currently have, perhaps for an expense which you realize you could have in the near future, either way you choose to do business with us be assured SECA Funding Company can help!

If your financial needs have changed, selling a portion of your Structured Settlement payments may be the help you need.

By selling us all or some of your Structured Settlement or annuity payments, you can get the money you need now!

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