Why Sell Your Private Seller-Financed Mortgage Note or Seller-Carried (Carry-Back) Business Mortgage Note?

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First a brief history of Seller Financing in Real Estate which is a private loan provided by the seller of a property to the buyer of the property. 

As with any traditional bank financing, the buyer will make a down payment and then make monthly installment payments over time, this is based on an amortization schedule.This is set at a specified interest rate which remains in effect until the loan is paid off. 

In a Private Seller-Financed Real Estate transaction, the seller takes the place of the bank or other financial institutions.

When a borrower has paid their Mortgage on time without missing any of the payments, a Note is considered “performing.” If the borrower has stopped paying their Mortgage Note on tine, they’re in default.

A Note can be categorized as 30 days late, 60 days late, 90 days late, or 180+ days late.

When a borrower has not made any payment within the past 90 days, their loans are categorized as “nonperforming.”

Mortgage Notes are financial documents that detail a loan agreement used to purchase Real Estate property.

Traditionally, some people have chosen to do business with a bank, credit union or another financial institution to get a Real Estate loan.

These various financial institutions loan individuals money in exchange for a long-term payment plan that usually last decades, depending on what particulars they require for the mortgage.

A Private Mortgage Note is held by a residential or commercial property seller.

A seller may own their property outright and therefore they can offer the buyer a mortgage deal.

When Seller Financing occurs, the seller takes on the role as the financial lender.

The seller extends enough credit to the buyer for the buyer to meet the purchase price of the property, minus any down payment. Which is typically 20% .

The buyer and seller sign a Promissory Note containing all the agreed upon terms of the loan. The two parties then legally record a Mortgage for the property (or “deed of trust” in some states) with their local public records civil authority.

The buyer then starts paying back the loan over time, typically with interest between 4%-10% as provided and set forth in the legally binding terms of the Promissory Note.

Mortgage Notes are considered to be an alternative asset class within active Real Estate Investing, providing many benefits and unique opportunities.

* Mortgage Notes typically earn higher-than-average returns for most Real Estate Investors.

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Get connected with professional & very reputable Financial Experts who know the Note Business and who are waiting to hear from you, we will listen to your specific financial needs as it relates to your Mortgage Note.

                                                                It’s your money!

There are never any restrictions on how you chose to spend your money when you sell us a full are partial part of your Mortgage Note, it is your money to use as you see fit.

We are a Network of well established Professional Private Investors, North America’s leading private purchaser of Private Owner-Financed Mortgage Notes & Owner Carried (Carry-Back) Business Mortgage Notes.

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Selling us your Private Owner-Financed Mortgage Note or Private Business Mortgage Note  is a relatively simple process and the first step is to provide us with the necessary information so we can provide you with a “top dollar” quotation on your Note. 

To do so, you simply need to request and complete one of our “Seller Worksheets” which provides us with the details of your Promissory Note and some basic information about the property itself. 

Once we have received your completed worksheet, we can typically provide you with a provisional quote on a net purchase price within 48 business hours.

                               We close deals quickly and pay all typical closing costs.

                               We never require any fees to review any Mortgage Note.

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Our Exclusive Network of Investors are the largest buyers of privately held real estate notes in the country.

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